Saturday, 30 March 2013

Delicious Doodles in Green and Blue

This month's topic is "Favourite colour" - well I just love greens and blues so for this post I've created a card with one of the lovely Delicious Doodles images.
To make the card shape:

Open a C6 card and fold both right hand side corners into the centre.  Open out and you should have a small triangle on the right centre section  - score from the point of the triangle the outside edge of the card and fold inwards.

 You can now create a stand-up card which will fold flat for posting.

Iv'e coloured my "Delicious Doodle" with water-colour pencils and added a feather and embellisments to finish.
The card itself was coloured using paint spread onto a tile.
I then stamped into the paint with stamps and other bits and pieces then I places cardstock on top. This gave me a swirly coloured pattern which I then stuck onto the card.

I look forward to seeing some of your lovely creations and please join in with the Challenge for your chance to win a lovely prize. Happy crafting.....