Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flights of fancy - Sammy

Good morning everyone, Sammy here with a slightly cheeky card for you this month!

My husband, who is approaching the ripe old age *cough* of 42, is often teased by our youngsters about how terribly old he is. It is a running joke in our household that dad is in fact 65 million years old (he used to have a pet dinosaur, you know...) and hubby plays along with good cheer, regaling them with stories from over the millennia. If he is to be believed he is responsible for many things, both good (he invented the first language, because the grunts of the Neanderthals were getting too confusing) and bad (he's lost count of the amount of earthquakes he's caused after eating sprouts and beans!).

So when I saw the images provided for us by our fab sponsor Doctor Digi's House of stamps, there was one in particular that stood out, because it fit so perfectly with out little running family joke.

This was the result:

So yes, a little cheeky really, but I know hubby will appreciate the joke, and the kids think it's hilarious!

Hope you'll find the time to play along with us this month. There's still a week left!


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